Toothpaste for whiter teeth

Now there is a toothpaste that whitens teeth quickly, effectively and safely. You may have tried toothpastes promising whiter teeth and most likely they have ended up being disappointing. A whitening toothpaste must meet certain criterias and Beconfident's Dual Foam definitely does. Ordinary whitening toothpastes don't bleach, they grind the enamel clean of stains. This is not whitening, this is just cleaning with hard abrasives.

Whiten teeth with toothpaste

In order for a toothpaste to whiten your teeth, the active substances must penetrate the enamel and reach all the way into the dentin. It is the dentin that gives teeth the yellow hue, showing through the enamel. So if the dentin is bleached the teeth will become whiter. Beconfident's Dual Foam works from the dentin out and this is where all other toothpastes fail.
Eight active ingredients in a perfect balance make Dual Foam very effective altough it only contains natural substances. Dual Foam is also completely peroxidefree. Dual Foam recently won one of the major tests in the United States for whitening toothpastes.
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