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DYou may have purchased or wish to purchase teeth whitening or other dental products with us and want to show this to others on your blog or website. Or maybe you like us and want to show it on your blog. We collaborate with bloggers in different ways, at whatever level we choose to work we respect your privacy and will not affect/ influence any posts; you write whatever you want. We prefer that you have at least 300 unique visitors a day, please send a report so we can make an evaluation. When you take a picture from our site to make a post, please be sure to refer directly to our website. Linking the images is always the best. The posts should also mention that it is all about teeth whitening or occlusal splints.

Once you have made your post, please email it to:

When we have seen the post, you will receive an email with a discount code that you can use for yourself or give to your friends and readers. We can also see the sales result your linkages create, so you might get a product of choice from our catalog. This is checked daily by a measurement tool and we'll contact you immediately if this is the case.

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