Discolored teeth

Discolored teeth & yellow teeth

Many suffer from discolored teeth and many people actually think that they simply have yellow teeth. Every person is an idividual which means that some will always have whiter or darker teeth than others, one of the reasons for this is the natural aging process but there are many more possible. The problem is difficult to avoid, it is natural and affects everyone sooner or later. Let's look closer at what is behind besides natural aging.

Discolorisation of teeth from food and drinks
The most common reasons for teeth becoming discolored is the fact that we eat and drink. It is of course impossible to live without food and drinks but there are some things you can avoid, making it easier to maintain a white smile. The main culprits are red wine, coffee and tea. These are drinks that many do not want to be without, so allow us to offer the solution. Knowing what makes our teeth darker, we did our research to find a way to try and restore the teeth to their natural whiteness.

Brushing and oral hygiene
The easiest way to avoid discolored teeth from food is to brush your teeth regularly, preferably after every meal. Use toothpaste that is recommended by the Dental Association and do not be scarce with toothpaste; the entire brush head should be covered. Brush for at least 2 minutes and be careful not to press too hard. Small, fast and easy movements are better than hard and slow.

Bleaching with quality products
Whitening teeth with a quality product restores discolored teeth effectively and gently. Beconfident's products are very high quality and your teeth will look younger and fresher after whitening. Yellow teeth will be a distant memory when your treatment is complete and you will be surprised how white your teeth really are. Discoloration gradually disappears, and you will feel how fast your new smile materializes as you choose how many times you repeat the process. Heavily stained teeth often require a full treatment of 10-14 days. You have complete control of how white teeth you get when bleaching occurs gradually, adjusting the treatment time to get your perfect smile. All necessary information is included in our packages.

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