Dental Guard pricse indicates quality

The price of a splint / dental guard gives an indication of the quality and performance you can expect. Sleep Right Dental Guard is not the cheapest one but it is probably the best dental guard that can be purchased in stores or online.

The price is about 20% higher than average but the Sleep Right is also considerably more advanced than other similar dental guards. What makes it unique is that it should not be boiled or heated for fitting. It has 4 different positions allowing it to be adjusted once to fit your mouth, and then it is ready to be used.

Price of Sleep Right Dental Guard

Our dental guards are imported from the United States and therefore the dollar affects the price. We offer two models of Sleep Right, our standard model suits those who suffer from moderate teeth grinding. The reinforced Sleep Right Dura fits for people with chronic and severe teeth grinding and is about 45% stronger than the standard model. This is also the reason why the price of the various models vary. Want to know more about Sleep Right? Proceed to Sleep Right Dental Guards here

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