Before and after with Dual Foam

Below are two examples of before and after pictures of two typical customers, one is 34 years old and the other is 38 years old. Both have used the Dual Foam for exactly 2 weeks and no other treatments have been performed during this period.

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I bought the Dual Foam and I'm very satisfied. After only four days I saw quite a big difference, my teeth had become whiter and had a very clean feeling. No trays were needed and I still got the same results. 5 stars for Dual Foam.

Clearly gave a much better effect than expected. To be honest I didn't think it would actually work. My teeth were much whiter and felt really clean!

I'm very happy! I felt that ordinary teeth whitening seemed scary so this suited me fine.

After a week of using Dual Foam, a friend asked if I had bleached my teeth and I actually did not know what to say. Thanks for a great product!

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